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Moby Dick – Melville, LNA398

Moby Dick – Melville, LNA398
Moby Dick – Melville ,Original Author – Melville , Author – Dr. D.K. Lal, Isbn Code – 978-81-89770-53-2 Edited With: General Introduction, Special Introduction, Detailed Summary, Critical Comments Character- Sketches Question And Answers, Etc.(According To U.G.C. Syllabus As Prescribed) General Introduction Biographical Sketch Miscellaneous Works Influences On Melville Melville’S Narrative Technique Melville’S Transcendentalism Melville’S Language And Style Critical Opinions On Melville Special Introduction Brief Summary Of ‘Moby Dick’ Sources Of ‘Moby Dick’ Theme Of Allienation In ‘Moby Dick’ Self In ‘Moby Dick’ Humour And Satire In ‘Moby Dick’ Symbolism In ‘Moby Dick’ Detailed Summary Of ‘Moby Dick’ With Critical Comments Character Sketches Questions And Answers Chronology Of Important Dates Reviews Be The First To Review “Moby Dick – Melville” Perfect Good
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