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Lakshmi Narain Agarwal

Advanced Sociological Theories – , By – Dr. Kumar, Isbn Code – 978-93-87346-40-6 ( For B.A (Pass & Honors’), M.A, Civil Services, Preliminary Subordinate Services And Other Competitive Examinations, Objective Questions And Answers. The Present Book In Questions And Answers Form Covers The University..
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Advertising Management – , By – R.C. Agarwal, Isbn Code – Contents : Chapters Advertising Advertising (Continued) Types, Kinds Or Classifications Of Advertising Media Or Methods Or Devices Of Advertising Advertising Material Advertising Agency Measuring Advertising Effectiveness Or Evaluation Of Adv..
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Isbn- 978-93-87346-10-9 , Ages, Movements And Literary Forms * Dr. Satish Kumar, 170.00 Ages, Movements And Literary Forms With Hindi * Dr. Satish Kumar, 180.00 The Book Contains: Ages In English Literature , Major Literary Movements, Objective Type Questions And Answers, Three Years Examination Pap..
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Agricultural Economics – , By – N. Kumar, Isbn Code -978-93-88297-90-5 Contents : Chapters Agricultural Economics And Economic Development Agricultural Economics And Different Models Transformation Of Agriculture And Disguised Unemployment Agricultural Production Economics And Agro-Climatic Planning..
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Agricultural Geography – , By – Y.K. Sharma, Isbn Code – 978-93-86828-93-4 Contents : Chapters Agricultural Geography: Meaning, Definition, Nature And Development Origin Of Agriculture And Diffusion Of Crops During Prehistoric, Medieval And Modern Periods Approaches And Models Of Study Of Agricultura..
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Isbn-978-93-86828-15-6 Dryden All For Love * R.L. Varshney, 250.00 Edited With: General Introduction To The Play, Text With Paraphrase, Detailed Act Wise Summary, Notes ,Character Sketches, Explanations Of Important Passages, Questions And Answers,Etc.(According To The Ugc Syllabus As Prescribed) Is..
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Isbn Code – 978-93-86828-00-2 Arthur Miller All My Sons K.N. Khandelwal Edited With: General Introduction, Introduction, To The Play, Detailed Summary, Character Sketches , Notes Explanations Questions & Answers And Also Covering U.G.C. Syllabus As Prescribed. Arthur Miller All My Sons (Hindi) K.N. ..
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Isbn-978-93-88297-23-3 Sidney An Apologie For Poetrie * Dr. P.S. Sastri Edited With: General Introduction, Text, Detailed Summary, Notes, Critical Opinions, Important Explanations, Questions & Answers, Etc Isbn-978-93-88297-23-3 Sidney An Apologie For Poetrie (Hindi) * Dr. P.S. Sastri Edited With: G..
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An Epistle To Dr. Arbuthnot *, Original Author – Pope , Author – Dr. C.L. Sastri, Isbn Code – 978-93-88297-12-7 Edited With: General Introduction, Text With Paraphrase, Detailed Summary, Critical Appreciation , Notes, Important Explanations, Question And Answers, Etc. General Introduction The Age Of..
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An Essay Of Dramatic Poesy *, Original Author – Dryden , Author – P.S. Avadhani, Isbn Code – 978-81-89770-68-6 Edited With: General Introduction, Special Introduction,Notes,Text,References,Questions And Answers,Etc. General Introduction The Age Of Dryden The Life And Works Of John Dryden Dryden’S Ch..
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Ancient And Medieval Indian Political Thought – , By – Dr. V.P. Verma, Isbn Code – 978-93-87346-60-4 For The First Time The Author (Dr.V.P.Varma, President Of All India Political Science Association, 1968) Has Attempted A Comprehensive, Critical And Comparative Exposition Of The Political Ideas In I..
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Ancient India (From Earliest Times To 1206 A.D.) – , By – Dr. K.L. Khurana, Isbn Code – 978-93-86544-59-9 Contents : Chapters Sources Of Ancient History Of India [Indigenous Sources : (A) Literary Brahminical Literature, Buddhist Literature. Jain Literature, Scientific Works. (B) Archaeological-Inscr..
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