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Desire Under The Elms – O’ Neil, LNA158

Desire Under The Elms – O’ Neil, LNA158
Desire Under The Elms – O’ Neil ,Original Author – O’ Neil , Author – P.P. Mehta, Isbn Code – 978-93-88297-14-1 Edited With: General Introduction, Special Introduction, Character- Sketches Complete Paraphrase Of The Text, Scene Wise Summary, Explanations, Questions & Answers, Etc. General Introduction Eugene O’Neill’S Life And Career Major Plays Of O’Neill Eugene O’Neill And Modern American Drama: A Historical Perspective Expressionistic Drama Or Playwrights Of Protest O’Neill’S Art Of Plot Construction O’Neill’S Heroes And Heroines O’Neill’S Diction O’Neill As A Tragic Artist O’Neill’S Symbolism O’Neill Realism Or Illusion And Reality In The Plays Of O’Neill O’Neill As Poetic-Dramatis Expressionism In The Play Of O’Neill A General Estimate Of O’Neill As A Dramatist Select Literary Criticism O’Neill: Chronology Of Important Dates Special Introduction Introduction To The Play Outline Story Of The Play Persons And Places In The Play Plot-Construction Of The Play The Title Of The Play The Themes In The Play Realism In The Play Symbolism In The Play Dionysian And Apollonian Forces In The Play Mysticism In The Play Melodramatic Element In The Play Major Characters In The Play Minor Characters In The Play Critical Appreciation Of The Play Critical Extracts Complete Paraphrase Of The Text Scene Wise Summary With Critical Comments Explanations Of Important Passages Questions And Answers Reviews Be The First To Review “Desire Under The Elms – O’ Neil” Perfect Good
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